15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: May we eat amle ka murabba in pragnancy?

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Answer: A tangy flavor of amla is the best to avoid the nauseous feel during ur early trimester of pregnancy. You can incorporate amla as a part of ur diet in the following ways as pickle, murabba, candy. It relives constipation and normalize blood pressure. Amla also reduces morning sickness, prevent anemia and purify blood. Àlma improves digestion and enhance immunity. It is a good source of calcium. Amla also eliminate the gestational diabetes which is very common in pregnancy. Avoid amla in cold and cough and in diahrrea.
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Question: can we eat murabba in pregnancy
Answer: hi dear! Yes we can eat murabba in little amount. I used to eat during my pregnancy. I loved eating it. But we should not eat too much And we should see whether there are any reaction happening when we eat murabba like bloating and loose motion.
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Question: can i eat amle ka murabba ??
Answer: What ever you feel like eating plz Eat don't stop your self from food that u craving to eat. But see its healthy for u and for your baby. Eat everything in a limit don't over eat. No Papaya no pineapples no drumstick or drumsticks leaves.
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Question: amle (gossberry) ka murabba kha skati hu second month running
Answer: Yes can be taken in moderation...avoid incase of sugar problem
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