21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Lmp may 16.. this app says am 21 week while my sonography report 19 weeks. Which one is correct?

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Answer: Weeks calculated by LMP are the expected week of baby and weeks calculated by sonography are actual weeks of baby. If 21 weeks are calculated from LMP and sonography showing less weeks then you need to concentrate on your diet and medication.
Answer: Hello dear, sonography report comes according to your baby growth, and app showing according to your LMP date. Both are correct. 1-2 weeks difference is nothing to be concerned. So don't worry. Try to take healthy diet and be happy.
Answer: Hie Go by the date which is according to your correct LMP whether it is scan or the app I suppose there night be a mistake while pitching in the lmp in the app cross check
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Question: My lmp is may 29..but scanning report 12 weeks now..which one is correct?
Answer: Hello! As per the lmp and considering that you have 28 days cycle, you are currently in 11 week of pregnancy. But the weeks in the usg scan differs as per the growth and development of the baby. This will keep on changing in each scan. Hence, please consider the weeks as per the lmp itself to avoid any confusion. Take care
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Question: As per my LMP I am 9.5 weeks, but my scan report says 8.1 weeks? Which one should I follow?
Answer: Hi dear your weeks of pregnancy according to lmp is actual and you have to follow that. You fetal growth is one week lagging and USG is showing weeks of pregnancy depends on your baby's growth. It's not standard and will may change with your baby's growth progress. Hope it helps.
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Question: Actually may Lmp says I'm in 21 week but my scan report says I'm in 19 week then what should I consider plz clarify my doubt.
Answer: All pregnancy women have this doubt and also all women feel this 2weeks different. It is because of your egg and fetus. Lmp date is as per egg fertilization. At scan fetus development and it's size is considered as a week of pregnant
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