4 months old baby

Question: May i use pacifer to my baby

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Answer: hi mam yes you can you paciifer to your baby make sure that it is BPA free, my grandmother adivsed me not to use pacifier because when child depend more on pacifier they don't take feed and they don't eat food. so it would be better if you avoid giving pacifier to your baby.
Answer: Do not use any pacifer if you are breathtaking ofenly..early use of pacifier might interfere with breastfeeding, your baby might dependent only on pacifer, more pacifier use might cause ear infection, it leads to dental problems. If it is so necessary you can use it..
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Question: Which month use pacifer for baby
Answer: Hi! Pacifies are neither safe nor useful for the babies, it's better to avoid them becz it is going to be coming in the way of this hand to mouth exploration, will reduce nursing since it will mask hunger cues and very difficult to wean off, requires regular sterilizing before every use. Like you wouldn't prevent a child from trying to walk, don't prevent the child from exploring her body since it is very very normal behavior and will stop in some time. I feel fingers are the best pacifiers as long as u keep them clean. Hope this helps!
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Question: can i give pacifer to 1 month old baby?
Answer: hello dear generally pacifiers are given to the babies who suffer from colic.. but if you wish to you can give dear
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Question: can i ask pacifer to one month old baby?
Answer: no dear dont give pacifier to your baby especially till 3 months.
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