31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: maturity grade O ka matlab Kiya hota h.

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Answer: dera aapka question maturity grade 0 ya grade 3?
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Question: Fundo posterior placenta grade 1 ka matlab kya baby boy hota h???
Answer: Hi dear, placenta position can not predict the sex of baby.you may have heard that your baby placenta can predict their sex as early as in the 1st trimester. If placenta is anterior you are carrying a girl, if placenta is posterior you are carrying a boy is just a myth.all you should Hope for a healthy baby born after a full term, stop worrying about the gender and think positive, eat healthy, worry less, and be strong.take care and all the best
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Question: Mera placenta maturity grade 2 aaya h.. 30 week scan me to kya ye normal h
Answer: Yes dear, it is normal.Placental grading refers to an ultrasound grading system of the placenta based on its maturity.this primarily affects the extent of calcifications.grade 0 typically seen in less than 28 weeks, grade 1 is 31 weeks, grade 2 is 36 weeks, grade 3 is 38 weeks.take care and all the best
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Question: Placenta is posterior. It is grade 0 in maturity?
Answer: If the placenta attachs back side of uterus it is called posterior placenta.Grade 0 placenta is typically seen in lessthan 28 weeks of pregnancy / gestation.The mean gestationalat which the placenta matures to Grade 1 is 31 week grade 2 is 32 week,grade 3 is weeks is seen as well.
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