Question: maternal right ovarian 22mm simple cyst is noted ani undhi eammana problem aa

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Answer: hello.. dear cyst pregnancy lo ravadam common and normal.. konni harmful vundavu.. delivery varaku emi cheyaleru.. avitne jagratag doctors deal chestaru...dont worry mee doctor daggara manchi suggestions teeskondi anni jagratlu patinchandi
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Question: Left ovarian cyst is any serious problem
Answer: Ovarian cysts are common during early pregnancy, even though you're no longer menstruating. Usually, these cysts are harmless just like most other ovarian cysts. However, there are a few possible problems if the cysts continue to grow throughout your pregnancy.Take care maintain healthy eating dear.
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Question: M 2 months pregnant everything is normal but in report showing simple ovarian cyst 7.0*5.0 cms in right ovary is there any problem to my baby ?
Answer: The doctor will monitor this cyst to see if it grows and at what rate.Mostly no treatment is done for small cysts but if it seems to be increasing in size too soon causing a problem by obstructing the fetal growth then your doctor may want to look into in deeper. Do not panic.Be regular for scans and check up.
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Question: Hello doctor..i was diagnosed with simple cyst in my right it normal
Answer: Hello! It is not normal though but the doctor will keep a watch on it also. If it grows through the pregnancy then during delivery it might be removed. But it varies from pregnancy to pregnancy. Take care
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