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Question: HCG SUBNIT (MATERNAL): <1.20 mIU/mL It's already 10days of missed period. Is the result being confirmed for non pregnancy. Please suggest me some medicine to get my periods now so that I can plan again to conceive during my ovulation day.

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Answer: Hi dear, Have you ever had such delayed periods? If yes,then you might have to wait for another week.getbin touch with your doctor for here no one would prescribe medicines.
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    Anonymous Mom59 days ago

    Yes i had delayed periods .so can i have positive hope on pregnancy

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Question: My LMP was 12jan 9days late period, negative pregnancy test. Visited gynaec today and had blood test HCG SUBNIT (MATERNAL): <1.20 mIU/mL Please let me know if I pregnant or not by seeing the results.
Answer: Hi dear, Unfortunately you are not pregnant.beta HCG levels needs to be atleast 25 to have successful pregnancy.
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Question: My LMP was feb 7th. Till now i missed my periods. I had already taken pregnancy test and negative results. Today I have done beta hcg test and result is 6.64 mIU/mL. Is it positive.?
Answer: Hello dear. If it is above 5 but below 25 then it is a grey area where in there are chances of pregnancy but you have to repeat the test after a week to see if the values increase. You may have to consult gynae here. Hope it helps.
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Question: 11 day after ovulation I checked my beta hcg and it's positive but 2 more days for periods may I get periods?
Answer: May be ... but we can get true result after 5-10 days after missing your periods it depends ... better to get tested through lab urine pregnancy test
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