19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Ente marriage 2018september 23rd nu aayirunnu. Sep20th nu aanu last periods aayath. Athinu shesham pettannu thanne conceive aayi. IpPo 4mnths kazhnju mrrg kazhijitum same time pregnant aayitum. How is it possible?

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Answer: Ovulation time il tanne ningal correct ayi pregnent ayi. Appol months calculate chyyumbol last periods day thotta paraya. Athanu angane sambavichath
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Question: I got married in 23rd August now am pregnant how it is possible
Answer: Hi dear congratulations for your pregnancy. it is obviously possible for you to get pregnant if your ovulation period came just after you marriage and that's why you are showing pregnant . for the surety better you can go to doctor and get your blood check up done for the final confirmation. also share your last mensuration day for better guidance from me .all the best
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Question: Is it possible to concieve another baby at the time of periods.if possible then after how many days of periods
Answer: Hi,you can try to conceive thee are chances of conceiving.whdn you try after the periods ,if you have e tried during the periods than NO.after 12 th day you should try to conceive.
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Question: My last period date is august 2nd.we were intercoursed at August 17,18,19..is it possible to conceive.??or how i check it conceive or not??
Answer: Wait 5thsep after that check if you miss your period in sep after that u need to check good luck
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