17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: quardaple marker test ki report me mere me high risk >1:50 aya hai, ab kal meta aminocentesis test hua hai.....kya report sahi aane k chances hain. ..mai bahut zada tension me hu...please reply........please someone reply please

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Question: Mera triple marker test me high risk aaya 1:54 hai koi plz btaega ye sahi hoga ya nai doctor told me that if its 2:50 then its ok bt in my case high risk 1:54 plz koi help kro kya kru mai mera 20 week start h aaj se nd test mera 18th week me hua tha
Answer: sample of blood and detects the levels of AFP, HCG, and estriol in it. AFP: A protein produced by the fetus. ... Lowestriol levels may indicate risk of having a baby with Down syndrome, especially when paired with low AFP levels and high HGC levels. I juust wanted to say I know 1 in 54 sounds a lot worse than 1 in 1000 or others' chances, but it's still less than a 2% chance. We do a lot of things every day with more than 2% chances, so I'm hoping reframing the statistic will help you stay positive! Good luck with your additional testing. Consult your Dr and if possible go for second opinion as well ..
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Question: my nt scan report is good but double marker test shows high risk. so is there any chances of down syndrome. Now I am 31 years old. Please answer me. I am really worried.
Answer: Your doctor may suggest you amniocentesis test and triple/quadraple marker in your 5th month.... Till then you will have to wait. If that comes low risk then you need to worry less. Amniocentesis is done by taking sample from your uterous through your stomach.
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Question: As per double marker blood test report i hsve high down syndrome risk so please suggest me what i have to do
Answer: Hi dear please don't worry and consult with your gyno. She will advise you to go to the fetal medicine expert and counsellings. You will be suggested to go for some more test like NIPT OR AMNEOSENTECES to confirm any down syndrome risk in your baby. Dual marker test are not 100 per correct it's just a screening test which says that there could be a risk. So don't worry and all the best for further medical examinations.
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