9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: mangoes kha sakte hai 2 month hua ...any problems

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Answer: Yes, but have mango in limited qtym its rich in vitamins but hot in nature
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    Jyoti Ahir973 days ago

    Thanx dear

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Question: Kya pregnancy m candy kha sakte hai..kya.and mangoes
Answer: Haan ji aap candy Kha sakti hai, bas kuch bhi excess khana sahi ni hai. About mango Mango contains iron (good for haemoglobin), Vitamin A (improves eye sight), Vitamin C (improves immunity and combats free radicals), potassium (balances liquids), fibre (fights indigestion) and many more. It also has higher sugar content compared to other fruits, which makes it a healthy substitute for cakes and pastries when you have a sweet craving. Being high in calories, it also makes for a good snack during your third trimester when your body needs more energy. Risks: While mango itself is safe during pregnancy, what makes it risky is the chemicals such a scalcium carbide used to ripen it. You should also avoid the fruit if you have, or are at risk of developing, gestational diabetes. When not had in moderation, it can also lead to diarrhoea, which in turn leads to dehydration.
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Question: Kya mangoes kha sakte hai main kabhi kabhi kha leti hu
Answer: Hello... Yes,you can have, mangoes are rich addition to your pregnancy diet,but have in moderation with other fruits,it contain vitamin B6 which relives you from morning sickness , nausea ,it also contains folate which helps in development of babies,it also relives from constipation..
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Question: Mangoes kha sakte hain?
Answer: Yes you can, it is good in folic acid, contains natural fibers. If you are not having any diabetes then you can else consult with your doctor .
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