2 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Mam! We had intercourse on our 11th day after 2 days I have pelvic pain and lower abdomen pain.Is this good sign.

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Answer: Dear when we start having unprotected sex our hormones start changing which can cause pain and discomfort but it's not at all a symptom and nothing can be said till a missed period..
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Question: I have pain in my left lower abdomen and back pain.is it normal?
Answer: Hi.. Dear abdominal pain is caused by the stretching of the ligament that supports the uterus, as the uterus grows. This is normal, therefore, do not worry, try using Maternity pillow. However, gas and bloating can also be the reason. Sit down, put your feet up and relax.. Keep yourself hydrated (drink lot of fluids). As far as back pain is concerned it is common, because the ligaments in your body naturally becomes softer and stretch to prepare you for labour. This puts a strain on joints of your lower back and pelvis, which causes back pain. It will be fine after your delivery. Using pillows will give you some aid..
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Question: How early can we determine our pregnancy after sex on 11th day of period
Answer: U can confirm it only after 6-7 days of missed periods
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Question: I have a pain in my lower abdomen and lower back & its comes and go after 2 3 hours Its sign of labour or what i coudlnt understand
Answer: Hi dear.. Now u might also get fake pains.. Boil coriander seeds in water and take tbat water and relax or u can take pepper milk and relax.. if they are fake pains they will vanish.. if real labor they will increase.. keep an eye on ur AFI leakage also.. Take care
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