3 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Mam stumuc very pain why tell me

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Answer: Dear as its showing here that you are three week pregnant so mild pain in stomach during early pregnancy is completely normal but if the pain is severe and unbearable that please consult with a gynecologist and get a scan done to know the exact reason of pain...
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Question: Hello mam 40days pregnancy but why did over stomach pain mam pls tell me
Answer: Hello! Mild pain is common due pregnancy due to the stretching of muscles and ligaments due to growing of the uterus. There is nothing to worry ,it is common. Take care
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Question: Good morning, i have been a stumuc pain last 2 days continu for me eany problem pls tell me answer any body
Answer: Hi dear. How severe is the pain? Unbearable? If it's paining too much please go-to the doctor
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Question: Right side abdomen suddenly very pain at last night. Please tell me why should that. I m very scared
Answer: Hi dear it is normal in pregnancy due uterus expanding ur body is getting ready to create more room for baby , there are hormonal changes going in ur body but if it's all of a sudden better take care n some tips it not ease after dese consult ur gynaecologist for the same . For this following are the remedies: 1 Elevate your feet when resting, if possible. 2 soak your legs in hot water. 3 Avoid standing for long hours it creates load on abdominal area 4Try taking a hot shower or bath 5 start low impact exercises like walk. 6 in case u have severe joint pain along with abdominal pains ask your doctor too add  calcium or magnesium supplements to you diet.
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