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Question: Mam Today my 26th day. morning Runny nose discharge came one time. Is it pregnancy or period sign?

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Answer: Hi,can't say,it difficult to say as it can either be periods sign it can also be implantation bleeding .you will have to wait and do the test to confirm in your pregnancy .If you missed your period you should do a blood test to know the confirmation. All the best
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Question: Today my 26th day i feel abdominal and leg pain its symptoms of pregnancy or period
Answer: Sometimes both pregancy and period symptoms are similar until ur missed ur periods. . Missed period is the 1st sign of pregnancy. .so wait for it
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Question: Hello..i got my last period in 3 december..till today pms not it a sign of pregnancy..
Answer: If ur cycle is of 28 days then it may be a sign of pregnancy.. I can do the test tomorrow morning.. good luck dear... Hope this answer will help you
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Question: I got brown discharge yesterday my period wil miss 8 days.. Again today white discharge. It is sign of period or pregnancy. Please help me
Answer: hi dear ! Brown-colored discharge is actually old blood exiting your body. Spotting blood or brown discharge around the time of your expected period may be a sign of implantation in early should take a pregnancy test to confirm your pregnancy.!
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Question: this is my last week of pregnancy from morning white discharge came it is sign of labour ?
Answer: Well, be prepared for ur labor anytime.
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