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Question: Mam today is the 33rd day of my menstrual cycle

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Answer: I can understand your anxiety. Nothing to worry. Plan according to ovulation. Generally ovulation occurs 12 to 14 days after your period. If you want to know in particular you can order ovulation kit. It's urine test. When two lines are darker it shows you have ovulated. Position also plays a vital role in conception. Missionary pose and doggy pose are best. If you don't see results please consult doctor.Take care
Answer: Hi dear, Please take a home pregnancy test after a week of home pregnancy test to confirm your can also take a BHcg blood test,to know immediately.
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Question: Helo mam.. My last menstrual period date is 4feb and cycle is regular.. How much weeks i am pregnant??
Answer: 4 weeks to 5 weeks it was. But go and consult doctor for best.
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Question: Lmp was 14 Feb. Today is 1st day of my cycle .Is it regular period? When my ovolution date. Trying to conceive
Answer: You would first need to know your period cycle get the average for last six for me it has been 28 days cycle and I ovulate at 12 th day ..similarly if you have 26 day cycle then you might ovulate on 11 th day..and so on....
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Question: Today is the 13th day of my missed period. Should I take pregnancy test
Answer: Yes you can check with morning urine pregnancy test. Hope you get positive results.
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