36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Mam, Today I went through ultrasound and in report it is showing that there is one layer showing around fetal neck?What precaution I have to take? Is there any major problem?Kindly help me in this regard

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Answer: No. Major problem. It happens most of the time. You don't have to take any extra precautions. Babies keeps on revolving.
Answer: Thanks Mam
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Question: Hi i am 35 weeks pregnant..when i went to check up today..dr. wrote in the file cord is around the neck..is there any problem..kindly anyone help..what happens if cord is around the neck
Answer: Hai dr first of all Dont worry if its single cord r even double cord can hav a normal delivery ...it depends...the doctor surely checks the cord for next time ...if it changes thn there wont b any problem ....dont get panic ...when u r sleeping dont change sides abruptly..sit and then turn to next side...if doctor tells its a problem thn tey go for a c section...dont worry baby will be fine completely ...even my elder boy born with two cords ...
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Question: my ultrasound report showed, no chord around neck seen...kindly clear it ; is this normal or any problem?
Answer: Hi dear. It completely normal and good. Some times when baby moves then umbical cord get around babies neck and can be difficult in some cases. If one cord is foind then its fine but more than one can be dangerous is veginal. delivery is opted. But in your case there ia no cord so be hapoy, eat healthy and stay active. Good luck.
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Question: In my wifes 36 week scannig report "single loop of cord around fetal neck" mentioned. Is there any problem??
Answer: Hi dear.. There is no need to worry. So many babies will born with cord around their neck. With this scenario sometimes it will be problem to have normal delivery. Better go with the doctors decision.
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