38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hlo.... mam plz suggest best food for babies fair complexion

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Answer: Hi! There is no magic trick to make a baby fair. Complexion of the baby is determined by its genes at the time of conception, nothing you do can change your baby's natural complexion. Genetics determine the complexion, more the melanin more darker is the skin. So please dont overstress yourself thinking all this cause the skin color will vary with age and time. Good luck!
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    shamleena sha1043 days ago

    thk u

Answer: hii dear congratulations for ur pregnancy .baby complexion is basically based in genes. Rest for good baby skin u should have kesar milk, chenna sweets , orange and apple everyday. Drink coconut water and coconut.remove the outside black layer of it.
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    shamleena sha1043 days ago

    thk u fr ur infrmtn

Answer: Add kesar in ur milk in 9th month
Answer: kesar means?
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Question: Can anyone plz suggest some home remedy for getting fair complexion for babies?
Answer: Hello dear... We can lighten the babies skin in following ways.. Use homemade bath powder for bath,instead of soap You can use gram flour paste mixed with orange peel powder,raw milk,before bath,will give better result Intake of fruits and vegetables will also help,in the form of sabji,soup,poriyal. Feed them with ABC ( apple, beetroot,carrot )juice daily Make a habit of eating dryfruits daily it will surely increase the skin tone
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Question: Which food is good for fair baby complexion?
Answer: Hi dear it is nothing like food that can increase the baby's complexion. But that is a saying that if the body gets high heat and lower cold that make the body in the so very sticky so they reduces it colour so try to keep the body temperature cool we can give more fruits like beetroot carrot fruits will help to increase complexion
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Question: Tell me the food name for fair complexion of baby?
Answer: Hii dear dere is no such food which can give fair complexion to ur baby . It's genetically influenced . Yes eating healthy can make sure that u have a healthy baby and being happy can make sure baby will be of good iq . All the best.
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