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Question: Mam periods k kitne din k baad baby concieve hota hai m confuse

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Answer: Hi dear, Agar aapka normal 26 to 30 days menstrual cycle Hai To 10 to 17 day of the cycle aapka fertile period hoga. Agar aap ko 1 tarikh period Aya hai to 10-17 tarikh tak ovuluation period hoga. Is time sex karne se pregnency k chances high hotey hai. Hope it helps.
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Question: Ovulation period ka pta kese lgate hai or menses k kitne din baad concieve hota hai
Answer: Ovulation time is 16 the day of Ur period.. for example if u had period on 1st.. Ur ovulation will take place on 16th.. but it differ s from person to person.. average its 12th day to 16th day..
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Question: hii c section delivery k baad periods kitne din m aate hai?
Answer: Ek mahine me bhi aa sakte Hai, Ya kabhi kabhi Saal bhi ho jata Hai, if u r breast feeding. Nothing to worry
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Question: Csection k baad kitne din tak vaginal bleeding hota hai
Answer: Hi, vaginal bleeding is normal upto2 weeks after delivery although vaginal discharge called lochia can occur upto 6 to 8 weeks post partum.
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