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Question: Mam now I'm 5th month pregnant going I had cervical cerclage what all precautions to take

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Answer: Some precautions after a cervical stitch have been placed ensure the success of the procedure. Following precautions need to be taken if you have undergone cervical cerclage – Complete bed rest if you have undergone the cervical cerclage depending upon your medical condition.Reduced physical activity, along with no exercise is also recommended. In case you want to exercise, ensure medical supervision and/or approval.Refrain from heavy work for a short time.Avoid sexual activity for some time (up to the 34th week) after the procedure. It is advised to avoid climbing stairs after having a cervical procedure. However, there is no scientific evidence yet to prove that this could cause any issues. Since every case is different you may seek advice from your doctor about what your specific requirements are.
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Question: Had a cervical cerclage at week18.will it work out What all precautions to take
Answer: hi dear if your cervix name is small or your service mouth is software delete it then Dr used to stitch the mouth of cervix to prevent preterm delivery in this is called cervical cerclage . cervical cerclage is very effective and it prevents complications. you need to take care about your movements, don't do any heavy work which can cause strain on your abdomen specially lower abdomen. Take proper rest, eat healthy and nutritious diet drink adequate amount of water. Your doctor allow you can do walking for 30 minutes to keep yourself active. hope it will help.
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Question: I'm 32week pregnant my cervical cerclage had been done in 5th month can I do yoga for normal delivery
Answer: It is best to consult your doctor before you do any kind of exercises it is not just the cerclage but the full report should be seen before any activities
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