27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Heloo mam, my 26th week running and can i run fastly 1km

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Answer: Hi.. Running is not adviced, however you can walk fast, and do some breathing exercises after informing your gynaecologist.
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Question: Helo mam, gd eve ,. Can i ran 1km race and my 26 week running , its any problem please tell me
Answer: running is not good in pregnancy..u go for walk 20 to 30minutes daily instead of running
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Question: 26th week running, can I eat pomfret fish..
Answer: Seafood is very risky food choice during pregnancy. Some vote for it whereas some are totally against it. It one choice to whether consume it or not, however risk involved cant be overlooked. First, shell fish are high in mercury. Making it riskier for your pregnancy. second, if undercooked can cause food poisoning. third, sometimes pregnant women develop aversion to seafood. So if you are planning to have pomfret make sure it's thoroughly cleaned, cooked to perfection rather than undone. Also have ones prepared in your a kitchen rather than having in restaurant as this way you ll be sure of quality and hygiene. Consume in small quantity to check for any allergy. Take care.
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Question: Im 16weeks pregnant... Sometime i run slowly ... To make tym or catch bus nt too fastly i run. Vl tat cause any problem?
Answer: Haii dear, y r taking risk.. during the few months u should be very very careful. Even while walking,you should take small steps and walk slowly. Dont be hasty to catch the bus,train etc.be patient,if one bus bus goes, der r many buses after dat, you can take d nxt one. Try to get ready 10 min earlier and just think of your sweet little baby who is with you now. Now itself start preparing to manage time. Ok dear
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