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Question: Mam my son's age is 3 years. He has caught cold. I gave medicines but he is not improving. Is he having some serious prblm? Pls help what should I do?

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Answer: Hi dear the medicine might not show its effect that quickly. Cold in children is very common and it will take some time to finish completely. Your son might be dull for a week or two. Keep giving him the medicines that doctor has advised. Give him more and more fresh fruits and vegetables to keep his immune strong. If you feel that even after medictaion the condition is getting worse or there are no signs of improvement then consult the doctor.
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    bec sel48 days ago

    Just apply BabyOrgano's cold relief roll on , ajwain leaves also does wonders.

Answer: Hi you can give steam also use baby organo cold relief roll on it's natural and very effective during winter season
Answer: Plz consult to the doctor. Give steam, 1 te spoon ginner jucie in honey. But consult to the doctor first.
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