2 years old baby

Question: Mam my son is 7 months and 15 days old. He is currently having rashes. I am using the Himalaya brands products. Still he is not doing well.He is always in the diapers.

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Answer: helo frnd...Rashes in babies are mostly due to continuously wearing diapers. You can use the Atogla cream, it will give your child relief. You can then apply coconut oil, it is very beneficial for skin related problems. Do not always wear him diapers and sometimes keep it even open so that the place stays dry.
Answer: Use mama earth rash cream it may help... N stop using diaper for baby till his rash gets cure
Answer: I also used Himalaya diaper it is not good use momy poko pants or pampers it is good for baby
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    agnes petricia Muller35 days ago

    But if I use pamper.. his skin getting black

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    durgesh kanwar shaktawat35 days ago

    Baby hug diapers are good though

Answer: Use himalaya diaper rash cream it is very useful for rashes
Answer: Coconut oil is the best for rash
Answer: Apply breastmilk
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