22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hii,Mam,my lmp is June 27.but my gestational weeks 23..diff is coming for weeks n lmp..is it normal diff..?? Pls help me..Thnk u..

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Answer: Hi Dear! Differencr upto 2 weeks is normal in second and third trimester in the gestational age and the Ultrasound age, because the gestational age starts from the last period date whr as USG date is from conception hence a difference of few days are fine and normal.. Hope this helps!
Answer: Ohhh...Thnk u...soo much...ji...
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Question: Hii i m in 23 weeks n my weight is 50.4kg it is normal plz reply..
Answer: Whether the weight gain is normal or not it can only be judge after knowing your pre pregnancy weight . So tell me what was your pre pregnancy weight ? And the total ideal weight gain should be 10-12 kgs throughout the pregnancy. Above all if the baby weight gain n growth is normal nothing to worry on.
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Question: hii..27 weeks preg...my afi is 10 ..is it ok wid me...pls help
Answer: as 8 to 18 is in normal range....bt still drink lots of fluid....
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Question: Hai mam..my LMP date is nov 27..which month is coming for EDD??
Answer: hi as per your lmp your due date should be 5th of September
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