34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: MAm my breast is very hard it creates any problem to milk protection. How to clear

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Question: My breast milk is very low,how to increase it
Answer: Hi Breast milk improves by different methods 1.Eat wheat flour roti chapathi or bread with milk half an hour before feeding 2.Garlic improves flow. Include garlic in your dishes 3.Lacto granules is a milk powder different companies have different names drink it before feeding and flow increases
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Question: Hai!! Im 28 days old mother i have small lump on my breast how to clear that n is it cause any problem.. pls anyone suggest me how to clear rhat lump on my breast.. Im worried
Answer: When milk is stored in excess then lump is formed. Just feed baby or else take out the milk by pressing the breast. Pour bit hot water for removing the pain. Put hot water bag. If lump continues chances are that you may get fever that affects baby also. Take care
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Question: I am breast problem it becomes very reddish and hard is it very dengerous or normal to the every women
Answer: Hi dear it is not a very major problem and almost everyone during this time faces the problem the hardness of the redness is due to the engorgement ..please start feeding from two sides, keep switching sides when the baby is feeding. Your Breast is engorged dear thats why the pain. Please express the milk, give warm compress. Wet a towel in warm water and hold it on thd engorged breast you will see mill flowing out. You can also try ice cold pack. You can try cold cabbage leaves under your bra to give have some relief. This will go on till the time the demand and supply get regulated, after few weeks you wil notice your body is producing the quantity of milk your child consumes. Hope this helps!
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