2 months old baby

Question: mam my baby was very fair when she born now her colour changed mam what to do and why change in baby complexion

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Answer: Hello dear, Newborns often look fair at birth with skin that sometimes has a pinkish tone. The pink tint comes from the red blood vessels which show through your newborn's thin skin. Most parents assume that this is their baby's actual skin colour. But a newborn's skin darkens slightly as more of the natural pigment that gives it colour - melanin - is produced. So it's normal for your baby's complexion to change a bit on it's own at first.
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Question: What to do for baby fair skin.. when she born very fair but now very dark in colour
Answer: Hi baby complexion completely depends on parents .also for the first 6 months baby color may keeps on changing .don't worry as after sometimes it will get fine. No need to worry.
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Question: My baby was born very fair. She was given phototherapy for 24 hours. Now her complexion totally changed.Will she get her birth colour?
Answer: Baby changes color timely..so don't worry ur baby's exact color will be the combination of both the parents..u cannot predict baby's color in initial months..Soo wait patiently..
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Question: When my baby was born looks very fairy and pinkish skin now his colour is changed.... what to do ???
Answer: Don't worry...dear... baby has 9 colours 9 face till 9 months... for more information about baby visit this YouTube channel and search #everydaywithsanjana
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