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Question: Mam my baby is 4month old and she is not sleeping full night. How to make her sleep during night

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Answer: If baby is sleeping throughout day then baby won't sleep during night and try to keep baby awake during day time ... now in 4 month baby needs 14 to 15 hours of sleep within 24 hours. It may be day or night.... Its baby routine... It will change every month... Make sure baby won't sleep more during day time... And make sure baby won't remain hungry in night... Sometimes baby won't take feeding properly and remains hungry and they won't sleep keep a check.. ....my baby is 4nd half months but he won't sleep during day and sleeps through out night... He takes 4to 5 naps during day for 15 to 20 mins....every baby is different and as different is their routine... And you try to set a routine of your baby
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Answer: Hello dear Baby sleeping cycles are shorter than adults to establish sleeping pattern follow some rules like give ur baby a chance to nap frequently, teach ur baby the difference between day and night by doing light on and off. As a mother understand the signs that ur baby is tired. Make a bedtime routine for ur baby like getting ur baby change for bed and singing lullaby and giving him a goodnight kiss.
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