12 months old baby

Question: MAM My baby i s 1year and 8 days old. She often vomits a bit after having milk. Is this normal? Is she having allergy or i m giving her more milk.

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Answer: sometime vomiting is normal in babies, but not after every feed.if it is a bit then it may be possible you are overfeeding him,I have also faced this issue with my little hero. So you give the milk little less then what you were giving .When this started,this is also important.if it would have been allergy( lactose intolerance)then it would have started early.If your baby is growing well, gaining weight normally then need not to worry.I would suggest to see your paediatrician,as your little ones health should be reviewed by experts only.
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    Nonu Rajawat394 days ago

    Mam meri bhanji 2 months ki h but wo dud niklti h bot

Answer: Hie dr..Sometimes, it is normal to vomit after drinking milk. Keep in mind that after feeding you keep her straight for a while, do not leave her on the bed. Vomiting should not always happen, otherwise it becomes a habit of children. You keep an eye on her weight, whether she is growing properly or not. She may be lactose intolerant, then in this case the source of its milk will need to be changed. 1 to 1 and a half cup milk is fine enough for her.
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    Abhijeet Das559 days ago

    It is very important to tap her/his back after feeding in standing position..

Answer: Hi dear...stomach spinchter or you can say cap over the stomach gut is not developed completely in small kids..so they can't hold good amount of feed and vomit..it's absolutely normal
Answer: It's important that baby should burp after feeding only to digest it properly otherwise it is vomited out.. so after every feed tap ur baby's back.. it vl help u..
Answer: She is throwing out as she might be full so try to feed her before food ...and inbetween gaps and see.if it's a serious issue still then kindly concert doctor
Answer: She may be lactose intolerance. Give boil suf with milk or lactose free milk. Banana, cucumber, luki very helpful to u.
Answer: Hi mom 16 months baby sleeping time mouth in finger nonstop pls helping
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Answer: Itz normal..if baby is feeded more..nothing to worry
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