1 months old baby

Question: Mam, my stichea are not heal yet it is About 1month for my stiches, and now there is pimples at stiches....vaginal delivery

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Answer: Hi.. Dear please see your gynaecologist. It might be a infection. To avoid any complication, you should see a doctor.
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Question: Mam m 6 week pregnant nd i hav 1 year baby with normal delivery but my stiches doesnt heal yet...m worried about my second pregnancy
Answer: You should get yourself checked by a gynecologist immediately. If 1 year old stitches have not healed yet, you will need some treatment for that. Please don't delay this dear
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Question: hello....i had normal delivery on 28th march...but my vaginal stiches still not fallen yet...its 2 months now..
Answer: Hey it's Normal sometimes stitches take time in healing as I had my delivery on 21 Jan n my stitches got heal in March u shud take sit bath in a Luke warm water. The more you will take sit baths the more your stitches will heal.
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Question: I had normal delivery on nov 8...till now stiches didnt heal...how long it takes for stiches to fall?
Answer: Hello dear, it will take atleast 25 days to 1 month to completely heal. you can try this for relief... Witch hazel is a godsend to new moms. You can mix your peri bottle with ½ water and ½ witch hazel and use it every time you pee, or use it whenever you need to cool the burn... You can wet a pad and place it in the freezer. Apply it to your peri area for 20 minutes or so. This will help cool down the area. Another idea is to soak a pad in witch hazel and place it in the fridge.... Many women with stitches after normal delivery are afraid to have a bowel movement. With your doctor’s okay, use a stool softener to help things come out a little easier.... Clean yourself a few times daily even if you have not used the bathroom. Bacteria can start growing pretty quick, especially if you are bleeding pretty heavily. Go in the bathroom and rinse with your peri bottle and pat dry. Hope it helped Take care urself...
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