32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Mam my 8th month is going on. Sometime my heart beat becomes fast and i feel uneasy. Is this normal or i should consult my doctor ?

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Answer: Hi Slight increase in heart rate is not normal during pregnancy As the blood volume increases so does the cardiac output of your heart to pump blood Hence the heart rate increases by 30-40 %
Answer: it happens with me too... m also in my 8th month.... it's normal but better to consult your doctor once
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    Stella Parmar387 days ago

    Ohk dr thank you

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Answer: Hi,it is normal it is because due to expanding uterus it causes preassure on the diaphragm which causes this uneasiness in breathing. You should keep your back position weect and you should also keep a pillow raised and sleep on that to help you in breathing
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Question: Hi , my 8th month is running of pragnancy. Sometime i feel my breats leaking. Is it normal or i should consult my Gync?
Answer: It is normal. It's preparing lactation for your baby. Nothing to worry.
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