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Question: Hii mam my 1st period after miscarriage was after 32 days on 13jan and 2nd period was after 24 days on 5 Feb I'm totally confused with my cycle find my ovulation day please help me when will my next period come? ??

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Answer: Dear after miscarriage it's hard to say anything because it can take time to regular your period and set a time, so dont worry wait for period and it will 3 cycle to understand your period cycle and date.
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Question: My last period was on feb 3rd. My period cycle is 30 days. When will be my ovulation days?
Answer: Your best days to conceive are February 17, 2019 to February 21, 2019. All the best!
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Question: Hii my period date was Feb 1st when was my ovulation day and in fertile days intercourse daily better or day by day better pls tell me anyone
Answer: Your cycle lasts for how many days ... Like if your period date is 1 Feb then approx when will you have your next periods ... Like my cycle lasts for 28 days which means if my period date is 1 Feb I will get it again on 1 march ie gap of 28 days... So my ovulation days will be 13,14,15 feb... Mostly fertile day will be 14 feb. All the best :)
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Question: My last period was 23 feb my cycle is 32 days recently change .....when i ovalulate
Answer: hi dear, in normal 28/ 30 days menstrual cycle the ovulation period is in between 10th to 17th days. as your periods recently changes to 32 dys , your ovulation strips take place between 10-20th days of the cycle. Your body will give you some symptoms of ovulation like mild breast pain ,pelvic pain or white watery discharge etc. So you have to keep notice on that. Hope this information will help you.
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