3 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hlo mam mujhe thyroid ki problem a gai hai pragnancy mein .koi problem to nahi hai

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Answer: Hypothyroidism in pregnancy is the condition of less production and secretion of thyroid hormones (t3 and t4). This imbalance in hormone secretion slows down body metabolism and cause many health problems. Thyroid can cause several serious effects like hair fall, skin problems (dry skin), weight gain, irregular periods, mood swings etc. Especially, thyroid during pregnancy affects both baby and the mother. Instead of taking pills for thyroid during pregnancy, try these effective home remedies to cure thyroid during pregnancy. 1. Coconut Oil Take two spoons of pure coconut oil and mix it with a glass of milk. Drink it before bed time every night. This is a natural cure for thyroid during pregnancy. It helps in promoting production of thyroid hormones and regulates hormonal levels naturally. Try these excellent home remedies to cure thyroid during pregnancy. 2. Primrose Oil To cure thyroid in pregnancy, take primrose oil mixed with herbs. Primrose oil is best aromatic oil which is nourished with more goodness especially for pregnancy health. Gamma linoleic acids rich in the primrose oil helps to regulate thyroid glands and increase thyroid hormone levels during pregnancy. 3. Eggs and Carrots Vitamin A is very useful to treating thyroid in pregnancy. Add vitamin A rich eggs and carrots in regular diet as it naturally helps for normal thyroid glands functioning. These foods control thyroid hormone imbalance acting as a natural supplement. 4. Herbal Tea Take more natural and herbal foods for thyroid problem in pregnancy. Taking ginger tea is one of the best home remedies to cure thyroid during pregnancy. It effectively boosts thyroid glands functioning and cures it faster. Avoid taking caffeine-tea, caffeinated or carbonated drinking during drinks. Follow these best natural remedies for hypothyroid during pregnancy. 5. Cod Liver Oil Supplements also work to cure thyroid problems. Take in natural cod liver oil as it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. It helps to increase immunity and keep hormones balanced. After consulting doctor, take cod liver oil capsules for stimulating thyroid hormones. 6. Vitamin B Complex Rich Foods All B complex vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 B7, B9 and B12) are effective to increase thyroid glands functioning. Eat more whole grains like barley, wheat, cereals, green vegetables, eggs to cure thyroid during pregnancy. It also helps to stop thyroid symptoms like hair fall, mood swings etc. 7. Vitamin D Rich Foods One of the major reasons for thyroid during pregnancy is Vitamin D deficiency. Get natural source of vitamin D from sun. Stand in sun for 15 minutes a day and get yourself exposed to sun. Also, make a healthy diet for hypothyroidism with vitamin D rich foods. 8. Veggie Salads One of the best home remedies to cure thyroid during pregnancy is to take salads. This is the essential tip followed in hypothyroidism diet. Enjoy sprouts, carrots, cucumber sprinkled with herb toppings. Have a cup of salads every mid-noon to stimulate thyroid hormones.
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Question: Mujhe thyroid ki problem hai.. mein 5 months pregnant hun
Answer: Apke doctors ne thyroid ki medicine surely prescribe ki hogi..aur btaya hoga ki after having thyroid medicine don't consume milk nd milk products for 3 to 4 hrs
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Question: Hello mam mujhe morning mein kadwi ulti hoti hai koi problem ki baat to ni hai
Answer: Kuch logo ko nausea jyada rehta three months tak.. aap ginger le.. ginger tea.. ya ginger honey k sath le.. us se bahut farak pdta hai ginger nausea control krta hai.. pani khub piye.. And fir bhi jyada hai vomiting to doc se consult kijiye..
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Question: Me abhi pregnant hu nd mera thyroid problem bhi hai aj mein apne doctor ko dikhane gayi thi to muje pata Chala ki mene thyroid ka dose Kam kha liya hai.. to iss koi problem to nahi hoga?
Answer: Pregnancy mein thyroid ko under control rakhna bhut he important hai kyo k baby thyroid hormones k liye mother par depend krta hai and disturbed thyroid baby ki growth par adverse effect daal skta hai . Aap aage se Dhyan rakhe k thyroid time to time check kraate rahe and medicine Lena to bilkul bhi na bhoole. Daily 1 hour walk kro and diet sahi rakho to apka thyroid under control ho skta hai.
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Question: Pregnancy mein cough hone se baby ki koi problem to nahi hoti hein naa mam. 5th months end mein
Answer: Hi dear,generally cough cold does not effect ur baby...So don't worry..N Don't worry giving u some cough remedy -- just take plenty of rest,drinks lots of water,gargle with salt warm water.U can also honey and lemon to warm water to get rid from this situation.But as u r on your 21 st week so for more safety u should consult with ur doctor before any type of medications.Hope this will help,Take care.
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