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Question: Hii mam mujhe sugar h or me pregnant hona chahti hu lekin mera 3bar wash ho chuka h but ab me pregnant nhi ho pa rhi hu

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Answer: Dear aap sugar ki problem ke sath bhi pregnant ho sakte hai bas important hai ki aap apni medicine time par le but agar apne pehle 3 baar safai karvai hai aur aab pregnant nai ho pa rahe hai toh aap please kisi gynaecologist ko consult kare aur apna ultrasound karvae taki exact reason pata lag sake .
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Question: me baby chahti hu but me pregnant nhi ho pa rahi
Answer: Hie there are maximum chances for you to conceive if you have intercourse during ovulation period To calculate ovulation date or period you need to calculate your period cycle length first Period cycle length is the average no of days between first day of 2 consecutive period Track down your periods date of last 4 months And figure out the average no of days between them Say you have 30 days between 2 of your periods Then you ovulate on 30÷2 =15 So your ovulation date would be approx day 15 counting from 1st day of your periods Have sex on 4 days prior and post ovuation date That would be from day day 12 to 18 To increase your chances to  conceive
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Question: hii dr m consive nhi kr pa rhi hu ham last 6 month se try kr rhe h. dr ko bhi dikhaya lekin vo bolti h ki koi preoblem nhi h to fir kyu nhi pregnant ho pa rhi hu
Answer: Try conceiving after your 7th day of period continuously till next period and do not move immediately after having sex. Lift your legs up and stay in that position fr few minutes aftr sex
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Question: Mai pregnant hona chahti hu but ho nhi pa rhi hu mere shadi ko1 yr huye or mera periods 6 july ko start tha or 9 july khtm...plz suggest best time to make realtionship plzzz
Answer: Hello The answer is different for every woman. It all depends on how long your cycle is (counting from day 1 of red bleeding to day 1 of red bleeding) and when you ovulate (your ovary releases the egg). Using a 28 day cycle as an example, you would expect to ovulate around day 14. Many doctors will recommend having sex every other day starting cycle day 10 and continuing to cycle day 17. If your cycles are shorter than 28 days, you may want to push this up. If your cycles are longer you may to push this back. Once way to help you identify when you are ovulating (which is your most fertile time) is to monitor your cervical mucus (vaginal discharge). As you approach ovulation your cervical mucus should become clear and slippery like raw egg whites. You should be able to stretch it between two fingers. This is the optimal time for conception. You can also buy ovulation predictor tests at your local pharmacy. You pee on stick every day and it will tell you when you are ovulating.
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