3 months old baby

Question: Mam meri beti aaj 4 months mein lagi hai. Wo ab tak mera hi feed karti h. Next month hamare ghar mein shaadi h. Ab m chahti hu ki wo thora bottle feed vhi kare. Par wo bilkul bhi bottle ni pakad ri h. Plz meri help kare or mujhe bataye m kya kru?

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Answer: 6 months tk ap use apne doodh pilaye agr apka ata hai to
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Question: meri beti 3 month or 17 day ki wo bottle feed leti h lkin kuch dino se bottle feed lete tym bhut roti h bilkul bhi dudh nhi piti kya kru pls help me
Answer: Hey, Newborn often cry only for three basic reasons. 1)Hunger- check if your baby is hungry. feed him. 2)Wet diaper 3) Gas or colic issues - feed baby timely Massage thrice a day. Give tummy time strengthen baby's abdomen. Do gas reliving massages. 4) Over stimulated - often baby gets over tired because of not being able to sleep. This makes it harder for him to fall asleep. You can help your baby by first calming her. kiss cuddle walk rock whatever works for your baby. You can also use lavender essential oil to relax baby. Just put 2 3 drops near his bed. You can also use white noises to help baby sleep.
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Question: meri 1.5 month ki beti shuru se bottle se feed leti thi abhi teen din se mera nipple mu me lene lagi h lekin vo itni jor se suck karti h ki nipples me pain hone laga h pls help
Answer: Hi Breastfeeding shouldn't hurt. If it's hurting it because of the poor latch. Your baby is not taking the nipple deeply enough into his mouth. For breastfeeding to be comfortable, the baby needs to have the entire nipple in his mouth. Please try these - 1) Try to feed in side lying position. 2) Nipple shields are often recommended to protect sore nipples during feedings. Nipple shields look like bottle nipples made out of very thin silicone and are placed over the mother’s nipples before the baby latches on.  3) A baby with a tongue tie , is usually unable to latch properly as restricts the tongue’s movement. Check with the doctor. Hope these points will help.
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Question: Hello mam meri beti 8 saal ki hai wo abi tak bed par susu karti h night m only m kya karu ..
Answer: Hi dear aap ushe dalchini ka powder bread toast me honey laga ke khilaye. Issue uski aadat toilet karke ki khatam hogi. Aap ushe 6 on ke baad kam liquid Pilaye aur some ke pahle pee karaye.
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Question: Hiiii....mujhe asthama h ar m chahti hu k km s km breastfeeding karwau mri beti ko m usko bottle lgati hu to wo bilkul n pi r ...m ky kru pls suggest
Answer: Hii.. i can understand your concern.. as baby is only 2 months she needs breastfeeding.. don't worry as asthama will not effect baby.. nor the inhaler will affect baby.. do not stop your medication.. breast milk will not be effected with asthama medicines.. hope it was helpful
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