24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: helo mam mera 23 week chal rha hai or mene 2 din continue travel kiya scooty pe or ab mere pet ke niche drd hai me ky kru

2 Answers
Answer: Hello dear apne risk ku liya. apne pahle doctor se consult kiya tha?? ab ap doctor se miliye wo checkup krke btaengi kya problem h There is no doubt that two wheeler is less reliable as compared to a car as you have to balance it on busy and rough roads. Some women are so weak that they can’t take the risk of driving a two – wheeler during pregnancy. It is recommendable to consult your gynecologist before taking any final decision. In some cases, doctors suggest avoiding all kind of travel during pregnancy. Here are some precautions that you should always keep in your mind for avoiding extra stress and miscarriages. Follow the traffic rules and don’t forget to wear a helmet and long jacket. Try to avoid travelling in busy hours. Prefer smooth and well maintained roads. Always follow the familiar route for a safe drive. If you are not feeling well while driving then visit some doctor immediately and ask for proper care and attention. You should drive slowly and try to avoid bumpy roads during pregnancy. You should not drive for long hours as it can be dangerous for your health. If you are already feeling tired then you should avoid driving that day. It becomes very difficult to drive on a rainy day as two wheelers become more slippery and they are not safe to drive during pregnancy. In summer season, pregnant women should avoid driving in afternoon as heat makes her tired, dehydrated and dizzy. In winter season, it is not safe to drive in the early morning and late night for an expectant lady. In first trimester risks are very low as compared to second and third trimester. It would be better to take some extra precautions during second or third trimester and don’t forget to consult your gynecologist. Driving may be more difficult in last months of pregnancy and bumpy roads can be dangerous for expectant lady. Here are some important considerations that you should keep in mind during last months of pregnancy. You should not prefer to go alone during second or third trimester. It would be better to travel with your husband or relatives so that they can support in every possible situation. You should try to select the best and quick way to travel during pregnancy. In last few months it would be better to travel by a car instead of a two – wheeler.
Answer: u take bed rest for some days