37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: mam mera 9.month h pregnancy ka or mujhe raat ko discharge hota h ye normal h ya koi probl

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Answer: Hello Vaginal discharge during pregnancy is very normal it's while milky and mild smelling. It's nothing to worry about. If vaginal discharge is yellow greenish fowl smelling and accompied by redness boils or itching that means u have got a fungal or yeast infection. Meet ur doctor. Never try to treat yourself during pregnancy. In ur second trimester u can see pink or brown discharge this should be bought to ur doctors notice as it could be nothing or bleeding may indicate something.
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Question: Hii mujhe white discharge ki problm ho rhi h thodi and kbhi yellowish b hota h koi probl. To ni hogi na i m 9 month prgnent
Answer: Mujabi uvatha yasa main be doctor consult kiyatha infection hai doctor ne medicine dhiyatha
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Question: mera 9 th month lg gya...but mujhe white discharge to ni hota ....kahte h... pregnancy mein ye hota h...to kya meri normal delivery Ni hogi ???
Answer: Haan pregnancy mein white discharge common hai..but a lot of woman have normal pregnancies even without thw discharge..it is completely normal. Dont wrry
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Question: Hii mera 7th month complete hone wala h or mujhe creamy white discharge ho ra h kya ye normal h ya koi problem h?
Answer: Yeass it is absolutely normal...Normal vaginal discharge during pregnancy is called leukorrhea and is thin, white, milky, and mild smelling. Leukorrhea is normal and nothing for you to worry about.
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Question: Munhe white clr ka discharge lg bhg roz hota h kya ye normal h ya chek up krwana chahie mujhe
Answer: Occurrence of white discharge is normal if it does not have a foul smell or it's not yellowish or green in color. It's a signal of ovulation in women. But if it's accompanied ,like I said, a foul odours or color change it indicates towards UTI infection. Infection in the organs of the pelvic region like uterus. .cervix. can also be reason for white discharge and low back pain. Consult your doctor for a better understanding.
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