22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Mam m in 21 weeks cmplt no movemnet of baby ?? Is it okay m wrried...

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Answer: Hello dear You should feel your baby's first movements, between weeks 16 and 25 of your pregnancy. If this is your first pregnancy, you may not feel your baby move until closer to 25 weeks. By the second pregnancy, some women start to feel movements as early as 13 weeks.
Answer: Hello... Dear Usually fetal movements start from 15-25weeks,but in case of first pregnancy,you will start noticing close to 26 week only,so it is perfectly normal, don't get worried, fetal movement may be like butterfly click, twittering,swigg or roll
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Question: I am in my 6 weeks of pregnancy. No morning sickness till date. Is it okay and normal ?
Answer: Hii absolutely OK dear. Don't worry.in some case morning sickness starts from. Second month or few lucky ladies don't get any morning sickness even. So encash the privilege and eat well so that ur baby will be healthy.
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Question: Is it okay that my babby weight is 228g in 21 week of pregency
Answer: hi dear! the ideal weight should be 300gms.
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Question: Hello., I m 21 weeks pregnant mother...i m having mild abdominal pain...is it okay...
Answer: Hi. Abdominal pain is common during starting pregnancy as your body goes through some physical changes in process to carry your baby. Some women may see bleeding with mild cramps as embroy implants its self into the wall of womb. You may experience sharp pain due to the cramping that occurs from the uterus expanding. Gas and Bloating. Constipation occur during second trimester and can cause a sharp pain in the abdomen on either or both sides.
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