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Question: Mam its been 3 years m married and i dont get period without medicine nd m having problem of pcod even i havent concieved even once nd my family is vry worried for my pregnancy plzz help me out i want to get pregnant as soon as possible

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Answer: If you and your partner is together for 3yrs, trying to get conceived and it didn't work out, you please consult a specialist without delay. But please understand that many are having pcod issue nowadays. Healofy often highlights foods, exercises, yogasanas etc which helps alleviating pcod. Keep track of it and make the best use of healofy. You should definitely reduce weight if your bmi is on a higher side. Also eat foods which help increasing oestrogen hormone level. Avoid trans fat and carbohydrate rich foods. Do regular exercise. Life style changes would surely help you get rid of the side effects of pcod.
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Question: Hi pls give me some tips I want get pregent as soon as possible since I have married 9month back
Answer: Hello dear... please don't stress yourself dear because stress play an important role in conceiving If your periods are on right track, you can wait for couple of months,start tracking your ovulation date As your periods are regular,so that you can have intercourse at ovulation time,which occurs between 11-16 days,of next period which helps to conceive soon Drink plenty of water during ovulation period, it will increase your vaginal liquid which will helps to conceive Have buttermilk and fresh juices on ovulation period,helps in reducing body heat,will help you in conceiving soon Take iron rich foods like greens, vegetables,whole grain Daily eat groundnut Chikki it will helps a lot during TTC... Personally me did this and got results Keep your mind relaxed by hearing songs,gardening,reading books so that you won't get much tensed. If you are so tensed it is essential to consider gynecologist advise...
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Question: I m very much worried i want to gey well soon i want to do work as soon as possible.. i had c section
Answer: Jus relax dear ..... baby had came out from u ..... bdy is vry weak nw .... abi aap care karo apna varna future me bahot taklif hogi .....
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Question: Hello doctor,i have PCOD,as per my doctor advice i have reduce some weight,and taking some medicine,please help me out for pregnancy.Now i am 27 yrs old.i want pregnancy as soon as possible.
Answer: Take folic acid and go ark during planning pregnancy. It works for me
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