16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Mam is today solar eclipses

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Question: Is therir any effect of solar eclipses on pregncy. Nd wht to do or not at dis time
Answer: Hello dear , absolutely there would be effect of solar eclipse on pregnancy. Things to do are first note the time when it's going to start and end.Have food before 2 hours so that you will have digestion.Should not cut veggies.You need to be in one position either sleeping or sitting.Would suggest you sleeping position would be good.Make sure no sunlight enters close all the windows doors.you need to be stable in one possition.shud not do any moment n avoid itching scratching.Once it's done you need to do head bath and clean house n clean pooja mandir n do pooja.make sure you don't comb your hair.And then you can start to cook food n eat.If possible visit any nearby temple.
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Question: How does solar and lunar eclipses effect baby during pregnancy?
Answer: Hi Dear! It completely depends on perception, if you feel something will happen eventually it will happen and the law of attraction would work and if u think its a superstition and nothing is going to happen then nothing would, i personally dont feel there is any safety measurement we need to take during eclipse because everything of the baby is decided at conception and the eclipsevis no wat related to pregnancies. With due respect to all and without any intention to hurt anyone i think its a superstition. Hope you wil be able to decide accordingly. Good luck!
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Question: Today solar eclipse?
Answer: nothing as such as been reported in news channels on newspaper. so I don't think there is any eclipse today .
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