Question: Mam... In my 14.3 days scan shown as placenta placed on down.. Now I'm alone at home.. I have to do all of ma works alone.. like cleaning, washing and etc... I'm so worried about my pregnancy... I can't take enough rest.. is there any problem??

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Answer: low lying placenta is a common complication in pregnancy and usually it goes up after 19 weeks. You need to be careful about your movements ,no stressful work, take rest, no relation, lots of water.
Answer: Adi vayiru romba pressure kodukkama light ah work pannalam..this is my doctor's less salt..sweet..pulippu..spice
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Question: Hi I'm seven weeks pregnant can i do all work at home i mean washing clothes,cleaning home by etc
Answer: No no till 4 month u take rest and do not go for cleaning and all.its still 8 week ur baby starts grown now so don't take risk
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Question: Can i do all the works in home, like brooming, mopping, washing lobby, washing vessels etc.. Is this helpful for the normal delivery
Answer: Hello dear. Yes you can. However make sure you are comfortable and you don't have any pregnancy related complications. Take care.
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Question: Hi,can i do my daily home works like cooking,washing,etc.. as before as any affect to baby
Answer: Yes can do if your placenta and cervical length all normal.. only thing should nt life weight and also should nt do work that put more pressure on abdomen...u can squat and take objects instead of bending..similarly while washing u can be in squat position instead of bending and putting pressure on abdomen..
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Question: Hi, I had a normal delivery before 3months now can I go to household works like cleaning vessels or Washing clothes etc. Plz answer my question
Answer: Yes you can but not continuously take some rest between work to work ok
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