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Question: Mam if intestine make problem for getting pregnant? Or pbm for sperm to reach egg?

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Answer: Dear not getting pregnant can because of so many reasons like no ovulation, less sperm mortality, stress and more if you are having any kind of problem to conceive then please consult with a gynecologist and get checked to know the exact reason for it..
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Question: I need detail clarity on women egg. Every month our ovary release 1 healthy egg. When that egg released from ovary it comes to tube and stays there for 24 hours and sperm get hit with egg those 24 hours. I have heard that at this point egg got ruptured.. What does that rupture means..? I is that get layer over egg is ruptured by sperm and sperm manage to reach egg or rupture Means before sperm reach egg, I the egg got broke.. Pls explain me on this
Answer: Once the eggis released from the follicle, it's soon swept into the nearest fallopian tube by the fingerlike projections that form the end of the tube, where it will hopefully be fertilized. At ovulation, thefollicle ruptures and the egg breaks through the surface of the ovary.
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Question: Can we send sperm daily for getting pregnant .?
Answer: Intercourse between 5th day to 21st day of your period... sperm can survive 48hrs..
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Question: What are the semtems are how to findout sperm to reach the egg
Answer: Hi dear, Ideally missed period is one of the confirmed sign of conception,but some women are sensitive enough to spot the signs as early as 4 th week.some of them are: 1- tender and swollen breasts 2- mild abdominal cramps 3- dull back ache 4- fatigue 5- increased urinating 6-spotting 7-nausea 8-increased basal temperature 9- smell sensitivity 10-darkening of areolas Some of the above symptoms does overlap,with pms,so one needs to wait till the next period and confirm should wait till one week post missed period and take the test.all the best!
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