14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Mam iam always feeling drowzy and sleeping too much..all are telling we shuldnot sleep as baby becomes dull in stomach..is it true

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Answer: no dear .dont worry we usually get sleep during pregnancy but dont avoid ur meals while sleeping..take small naps and have food on time
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Question: Mam iam not doing any exercise not even walking..all are scolding..iam feeling drowzy..
Answer: It's okay, you can start from now. Slowly increase the time of walking
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Question: Mam iam 31weeks pregnant..iam always feeling sleepy..not getting sleep at night..feeling tired all the time
Answer: During pregnancy the hormones cause bloating and pregnancy leg cramps cause insomnia. The sleeping pills are not safe during pregnancy. There are natural remedies to deal with insomnia during pregnancy Warm water bath will help. Get a leg massage at bed time Sleep early and on same time Avoid afternoon naps to feel sleepy at night Have a midnight routine for falling asleep if you wake up from sleep Eat healthy food and avoid fried stuff at night.
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Question: this is my second day of delivery and people are telling talking too much will effect in future is that true?
Answer: Hello That's all wrong. Please do not listen. You are in pain so talking to people helps u to be in a good mood. Yes too much talking or sitting can get u tired as you need alot of rest and it's important as u will have alot of sleepless nights.
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Question: Sleeping in bed will cause too much heat and it will baby... My in-law told. Is it true? Because i can't sleep in floor..
Answer: No. You may have after 6 or 7 weeks
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