25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Mam iam 22weeks pragnent.can i do sex ? Any problem?

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Answer: hi , having sex during pregnancy is absolutely fine unless your doctor has advised against it given medical health. You may notice change in sex drive given the body undergoes hormonal and body changes but apart from that the baby is well protected and this does not impact the baby at all.
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Question: iam diabetic 7th week pragnent.can I eat java plum fruit
Answer: hello dear avoid java plum fruit as it contains high amount sugars in it..try these fruits when you are diabetic.. Apples Berries Citrus fruits Cantaloupe Apricot
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Question: Iam diabetic 18th week pragnent.can I eat albhakara fruit
Answer: Hello These are known as ooty apples. They are a very good fruit during pregnancy with gestational diabetes. These fruits release carbs slowly release carbs. Wch help in regulating blood sugar. Apple's oranges berries and plums are recommended during diabeties.
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Question: Mam I am 22weeks pragent iam kivi frotes eating any problems
Answer: A woman requires about 400 to 800 micrograms of folic acid for healthy development of the foetus in early pregnancy. Since kiwifruit is a good source of folate, which helps brain and cognitive development and prevents neural defects in babies (both before and during pregnancy), it is essential for expecting mothers.
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