27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Mam , i went hsptl today... For vaginal infection.. my sugar level =78.0%mgs , haemoglobin=8.5 gms % ,, vaginal smear moniliasis=++ the above report may affect my baby... How to increase my blood level..

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Answer: Have one beetroot (at least) everyday and check with your doctor for that
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Question: Hi..... my HAEMOGLOBIN level is 9.8 ....is that normal...and how to increase the blood count
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy.Hb is little less and levels can be increased by including some kinds of foods in your diet. They are dates, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, fruits etc. They help a lot to improve hb percentage. Date syrup and date jam can be made at home and used regularly.Ragi porridge can also improve hb very quickly. It's better to take sprouted ragi powder as it is easy to digest. It also improves immunity . Please go through Healofy home page for diet, recipes tips and many more they help us a lot. Take care
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Question: I'm 32 week pregnant. My haemoglobin level is 10.4 how to increase the haemoglobin level
Answer: Don't worry. During pregnancy hb goes down and platelets as well. Once u consult doctor he will give u some tonic to improve these. But there are some remedies through which u can improve hb  Have apple beet and carrot juice everyday .This is the best morning juice for improving hb. Snack on almond and pumpkin seed. This is so good for ur increasing natural iron level and bonus is it taste good.  Black resin ,black dates and dry  fig are 3 dry fruits has tons of iron content in it. You must include these dried fruits everyday to increase iron levels during pregnancy. They are so sweet, delicious and in the same way they give your body more iron content.  Have pomegranate and orange in ur regular diet. Eat lost of green vegetable.  Soak 2 spoons black Sesame seeds in water for 2 hours, strain and make a paste of sesame seeds.  Add honey and have it once a day. They are rich in iron and works effectively for anemia and weakness.  Consumption of Almonds helps in blood purification and also helps in increasing the Hemoglobin count in the body. Soak 3 almonds overnight and eat them in the morning. 
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Question: Hi mam today i went for blood test (hb level)the report given 9.6 is there any problem
Answer: S mam u increase ur blood level u take pomegranate
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