9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Mam, i want to know that ..if any member of the house have a disease of diabetes then pregnant lady should have to take medicine for precautions

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Answer: No you should never take any medicine for blood sugar control without consulting your doctor
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Question: Hi. I just want to know what natural precautions have to take for not getting pregnant?
Answer: Hi dear natural precautions are to avoid sex in ovulation period and using condoms as protection which are not 100% sure but still you can try it all the best
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Question: Hi..any precautions during lunar eclipse for pregnant lady or it is just a myth that
Answer:  Hello dear, You can keep precautions during eclipse.. Don't handle metal object... It is better to avoid handling knife or any metal object during eclipse, because it may cause birth mark on skin of baby. Avoid eating during eclipse.... Please avoid eating and don't drink anything during eclipse time,it may cause indigestion,better to eat or drink before eclipse start. Make the room dark..... You can cover all window and door with cloth,so that rays entering inside will be stopped and reduce negative effects. Avoid work during eclipse... It is advisable to don't do any work or household activities during eclipse,can do before or after eclipse. Sleep during eclipse... To avoid inconvenience,you can sleep durinorg eclipse,so that it is better option to take rest and avoid work. Bath after eclipse... It is advisable to take bath after eclipse,will remove negative effects and it seems essential to do bath. Temple visit... To get all good effect can visit temple or can perform Pooja at home,so that good things will happen,have food after that is a best practice to do after solar eclipse will give good effect to you and your baby. Hope it helped ,Take care urself...
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Question: I want to know that last 2days I have a potty problem.. So what kind of take medicine??
Answer: hi dear have food at regular intervals drink plenty of water increase intake of fruits and also have one spoon of vegetable oil or Sunflower oil it will help to reduce constipation. soak raisins overnight in the morning strain and drink juice it is very helpful to cure constipation
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