7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Mam ..i usually prefer side lying position while sleeping ..a littl bit of ' C' positiond lying while sleeping Is it ok mam???

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Answer: Hi dear it is fine if u sleep i. Ur sides and especially on left as this way ur blood flow well and baby get proper neutrition .
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Question: I feel comfortable with right side rather than left while sleeping. Is this position ok for my baby?
Answer: It is ok but not that advisable becoz only on left side more blood circulation takes place which is very important for baby as well as for you .....try 20 mins left 30 mins right and improve till 50mins left 10 mins right
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Question: I have a little bit pain in stomach (left side) not back side...is it ok...
Answer: Hi dear, sometimes little pain on left side is common. That is due to pressure on spleen from growing uterus. So don't worry. If the pain becomes more and constant then you need to consult your doctor. Tc
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Question: Is lying on back a problem while sleeping ?
Answer: when you lie on your back the pressure from your baby and uterus could press your vena cava (a vein that moves blood from your lower half to your heart) and could result in dizziness, blood pressure changes, or a possible blood flow reduction to your uterus. Its ok to back sleep in your first trimester but once things start to grow change it up. Its best to get into those habits sooner than later
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