21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Mam i 5month pregnant iam suffering from light gasstic problem.is there any problems in pregnancy

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Answer: At a time of pregnancy you will get gastric problem.you feel pain under breast.it not a problem for pregnancy.try to avoid gastric foods and cooldrinks.use daily morning gas trouble tablet before breakfast.avoid too much salt and spice , avoid tamarind is good
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Question: I am 8th month pregnant and I am suffering from gastric problem.is there any remedies for this
Answer: Hi dear .. i used to drink sprite nd some times cold milk widout ice. I mean it was effective .
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Question: hii mam iam 37weak pregnant and iam feeling very light ....in my stomach any problem as i HV bed rest there is no weight like that iam feeling
Answer: Hello, Dear not to worry your baby is growing you should improve and increase ur diet now heavy protein meals- cheese, paneer,pulses if u have non-veg diet then its easier.. eggs and meat even fats- desi ghee, butter as they increase ur weight too..continue vitamin and mineral supplements(should prescribed by Doctor) and most important eat whatever u feel like eating... and in good quantity hope baby put on weight fast
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Question: My wife have 22 week pregnant and she's suffering from itching......is there any problems ?
Answer: Hie Itching during pregnancy is due to increase in  blood volume During pregnancy the blood volume increase upto 50% to meet the increasing need of your baby and body Increase in blood volume makes your skin extra sensitive and itchy Go for mild unscented product for your skin rather than product that contain strong agents or fragrance As they may irritate your skin Moisturise your skin well with oil , unscented moisturiser or body butter Oatmeal bath helpcan  you with itching Add a small cup of oatmeal to a jug of hot water And let it sit for 20-30 min Add the jug to your bathing water and bath with it It will naturally calm and moisturise your skin Having normal to mild cold water bath can help you suppress the itching as well However if the itching is severe then you have to consult your gynaecologist as it may be a cause of concern
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Question: I am 5month pregnant ,from two days i am suffering from mild ache in my right waist , please suggest me any solution.i am worrying about my baby ,is it k or some problems is there
Answer: If you have pain please lie on bed and take rest until the pain goes away if it is unbearable consult doctor
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