8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Mam i m 8 week pregenacy i m very much hungry and eat so much time is this normal and also paining in right side

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Answer: Hungry is natural. Take healthy food like fruits, eggs, leafy vegetables.. For pain, consult gynic
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Question: I m 28 week pregnant i m feeling pain in my lower body even i can't turn in left or right side without support not so much pain but its normally its paining so is that normal ..?
Answer: does the uterus is expanding and muscles are getting stage you get such kind of pain disease called as growing pain do not worry I am sleeping time to keep a pillow between your legs which will help you to give comfort while changing size you very slow the sun also help to give you some comfort it is normal and there is nothing to worry
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Question: My right nipple is paining when I feed and even side pain in the right breast.. It's very paining
Answer: Hello! Please check the latching of the baby. Sometimes due to wrong latching this happens. Hence try to make the latch correct. Once it is corrected the pain should go away. Take care
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Question: My right side nipple is paining so much... Any remedies?
Answer: Hello, Dear do some warm oil massage or a warm water bath can give you some ease from the pain.
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