13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Mam I m getting light pain left side of the rib and stomach

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Answer: 12weeks pregnant, I feel sharp vaginal pain. Is it normal?
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Question: Always I feel left side rib pain can anyone suggest the solution..
Answer: I think it is due to baby growth..I had it too..most of the time,due to expanding uterus it presses and pushes the neighboring organs..which could impact ribs area too..not to worry,it is temporary and should be fine in few days..
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Question: I m getting pain above the insicion of right side..dr.said stitches dried but.i m getting y...
Answer: The dear when the stitches dry the skin also becomes stretchy you should apply coconut oil that will help to moisturize the skin and reduce the pain
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Question: Feel very sleepy and have constant stomach pain on my left side of stomach
Answer: Sleepyness is very common in preganancy due to surge in pregnancy hormones..the pain is due to uterus expansion..so not to worry..even I used to get it on and off
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