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Question: Mam I have pcod with irregular periods wen will be the best day to convince

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Answer: even if you concive we first need to start treatment for pcod so that there are no complications or abnormal fertilization, with irregular periouds i need to know your 3 months menses date to calculate your fertile days.
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    Karthi Manju964 days ago

    30th August 2018, 6th November 2018, and 14th December 2018 are the last 3 menstrual cycle date mam

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Question: Trying to convince but i have irregular periods
Answer: Having irregular periods doesnt mean that u cant carry...womens with irregular periods can also conceive....but the thing is u must know your ovulation period...u can buy a ovulation kit and check....the other option is after each period start trying from 12th day of your period and do within 3 days per week....this might help....but this for those who doesnt have pcod pbms...
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Question: Hi doctor, I am trying to convince I have pcod harmonal imbalance irregular periods I have gained overweight also ply help me with your suggestions
Answer: Hi, since you are having pcod, then you must be having medicine for the same. So continue with it and also consult the doctor. Also reduce your weight as it can cause more problems during pregnancy. You can try for conceiving but it also depends on the severity of the condition. Hence consulting the doctor is better who can guide you.
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Question: Will pregnancy be successful with irregular periods
Answer: Hi, yes there are many women with irregular periods have been pregnant and also given birth to the baby. It might be little difficult but not impossible.
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