9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hii mam..i have an abortion in the mnth of august because of spinal dyraphism problem for baby.again am now i am 8weeks pregnant .now iam very much tense about again will that problem will occur . please reply me

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Question: Hi doctor, i am little scared of spinal anesthesia.. Can u please tell me about that?
Answer: Hi. I recently had a c-section and the doc gave me spinal anaesthesia. The needle felt like a small prick in the spinal area (not painful at all) and then slowly the lower half of the body goes numb and you stop feeling anything. It's nothing to be scared of.
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Question: hii im 8weeks completed now.. shall i go for movie... if that sound affect my baby.. please reply
Answer: Hi dear, You can definitely watch movie in theatre now. there is no issue.though your baby can hear outside sounds,but you need relaxation too.sobhave nice time .take care about your hygiene.as crowded places invites more infections.try to avoid outside food.
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Question: Hii mam, i had misscarraige in August agian now iam in 5th week and 5day pregnancy . today their is brown discharge lightly..iam Very confused again their is problem of misscarraige for me pls help me mam
Answer: Visit doctor for check up immediately she will prescribe some safe medicines and supports. Because it's too short interval from previous miscarriage
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