21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Mam I can take Gestoford-200 tablets for purpose the tablets are?

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Question: Hai mam I can take gestoford-200 tablets plz tell me
Answer: This medicine is to boost the hormones that support pregnancy and to prevent premature birth. This is safe
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Question: hlo moms..pls tell me progesterone tablets 200 mg are for what purpose
Answer: During the menstrual cycle, progesteronelevels rise after ovulation to help build and sustain a lining in the uterus. ... In trying to help prevent miscarriages, some doctors began prescribing progesteronesupplements in pregnancy to many of their patients in order to prevent miscarriage
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Question: Can i take susten 200 tablets
Answer: Hello dear Yes dear.. U can take susten 200 tablets in pregnancy but don't take it without consulting ur doctor. Susten 200 is a branded progesterone supplement prescribed during first trimester of pregnancy to avoid miscarriage due to lack of progesterone in the body
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