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Question: Mam I am 30 years old and last periods was on 11 Oct and my cycle is 30 days but not regular every time. Sometimes 32- 35days. I am preparing for the first baby. When is my fertile day?

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Answer: Hi.. in general period between 10th day and 20th day is considered as fertile period. This window varies from woman to woman. You can install some period tracking app to check approximate date of your ovulation . I am using app Flo to track my ovulation day. Otherwise some ovulation kits will be available in market,you can use them to track your ovulation. All the best.
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    Priya Celestine1069 days ago

    Ok Then my fertile days may be from from Oct21-31

Answer: Try from 20oct -3 Nov on alternate days because ovulation can happen in any day from 10-21day in 30 days cycle u have to try 12-13days so try happily
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    Jitender Kaur1068 days ago

    HOW to use o vulation kit

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    Manpreet Kaur1066 days ago

    U can order it online all instructions r written on them like how to use when to use .

Answer: You should try from 18oct to 25oct it would be your fertility days
Answer: Use I can or I sure kit to chk ur ovlization
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Question: I am 30 now and my last periods was on September 11.which is the fertile day for conception
Answer: The best way to increase your odds of getting pregnant quickly is to make sure that you are having sex at the right time in your cycle. If you have regular 28 day cycles, you will ovulate around two weeks before your period. This means your fertile window will be the seven days before your expected ovulation. So if ur period starts 11th Sept then ur ovulation days would start on 24th Sept and u should have sex between 17th Sept and 24th July to getbthe best results. To check for exact day you should use ovulation strip instead. Pay attention to your diet. For both men and women, food and fertility are linked. Stick to a balanced diet to boost your chances of a healthy baby. Eat several servings of fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and calcium-rich foods such as yogurt, cheese, and milk every day.
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Question: Mam I am 30years old l had my last periods was on Oct 11 and my cycle is 30 days but not regular every time. Sometimes 32-35 days. I am preparing for the first baby. We had our intercourse from Oct 31.My periods is missing this I pregnant?
Answer: Get intimate from 12th day of period still 22 nd day ( alternate days). If you missed your period this month Wait for 1 more week and do a pregnancy test Hopefully it wil b positive. All the best.
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Question: My periods starts on 30 oct and last today4 cycle is 28days..when i hv to ovulat.
Answer: Use Flo app and start logging your periods, it will predict you the ovulation date, it worked for me
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